Facing School Budget Cuts?? READ THIS!!


Hi there,

There’s so much I’ve been hearing about school districts cutting programs and laying off devoted staff because of budget cuts.  I thought instead of saying “Oh no, we can’t do this because we don’t have the budget,” we should say, “YES WE CAN to fund raise the necessary money and keep programs going for our students!”

I thought I would start by listing the TinyEYE team’s ideas for cost savings and raising money to make sure school programs keep running and students are best served!

I don’t want to limit this to our ideas only. If you have great ideas that would help school districts save money and/or raise money to offset budget cuts, please comment!

Let’s inspire school district administrators everywhere to take action and not rely solely on given budgets!

Ideas for School Districts to Save Costs:

  1. Parent Volunteer Program – There may be stay-at-home moms who would be glad to donate a few hours a week to help out if it means services to their kids don’t get cut. This would help reduce overhead.
  2. Green Lighting -Use natural sunlight in the classrooms when available and use CFL light bulbs (may be a little more upfront, but less in the long run).
  3. Cut Printing Costs Switch newsletters, internal communications and school info to online content.
  4. Single Ply Toilet Paper– Doesn’t sound like a big cost saver, but if you multiply it by all the schools you have….
  5. Make Use of Technology ProgramsIt is no longer acceptable to say “I don’t know how to use a computer.” Increase productivity and reduce costs by using some of the many technology advancements out there – there are usually grants for new technology
  6. Organized Car-Pooling – To save money on school bus costs, create an organized car-pooling plan so parents can help bring several kids to class and take turns doing so.

Raise Money:

  1. Celebrity speaker events – find the most successful or famous person that has attended a school in your school district and ask them to be a keynote speaker for a fundraiser/silent auction diner
  2. Bottle Drive-students go and collect from the neighborhood.
  3. Monthly Parent-Teacher-Students get together (bbqs, ice-skating, field trips, etc where it’s $5-$20 per parent/teacher
  4. Football Field/Hockey Rink/Gym Sponsorship-Have local business sponsor various school football fields, skating rinks, gyms, libraries.
  5. Seat Sponsorships-If football field/gym has many seats, offer to put the name of a sponsor on each seat
  6. Student run mock businesses-Have students run mock businesses (restaurant, snow shoveling, law-mowing businesses, etc..) where they learn the basics of running a business while also fund raising for the school.
  7. Donation Link on Website-Set up a donation link on the school district website with a money goal and exactly where that money is going.
  8. School Garage Sales-Have a school district wide garage sale, where students bring unwanted items that parents want to get rid of.
  9. School Bus Sponsorship-A local business could sponsor one bus for a year.


Marnee Brick, MSc
Speech-Language Pathologist and Director of Speech Therapy
TinyEYE Therapy Services (Speech Therapy Telepractice)

http://www.TinyEYE.com-Online Speech Therapy Telepractice

School Districts: Recruiting Speech-Language Pathologists? Job Boards not working? Click this link!


  1. I agree with item #6 above if it can help to save $182,553 for 25 additional parking places as stated on line 98 for the LMES Revised School Budget. I see they aren’t taking us serious again on this Revised/Reduced Budget dated 12/15/2009 . Nothing has changed since we voted the last budget down and un-employment is still the same with no improvement–and they are asking for $182000 for 25 cars–who are the parking places for anyhow. I now will request to see details of all line item projects–This is simply CRAZEY

    Mr. Ed
    Brick Tax Payer

  2. I have taught disabled students part time and would love to share this with them and promote you! Amazing idea! Good Luck to your endeavor!

    Jan Stumbo

    • Hi Jan

      I was doing some housekeeping in my blogs and came across your kind comment. Thanks so much for your enthusiasm! Let me know if you would like to continue the conversation. marnee@tinyeye.com

      All the best to you,


  3. Great post Marnee- We really need to clean up school lunches and this is a great list of things we can do to raise the money the school needs to offer better whole foods! Thanks for your passion!

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