Posted by: tinyeye | January 8, 2012

Six Reasons Why Online Speech Therapy is Possible

Difference Makers

“Online speech therapy is the great equalizer in education.”

~Greg Sutton, CEO of TinyEYE

I would like to pay tribute to some of the people who have helped to make online speech  therapy possible:

Yesterday’s Trail Blazers:  You saw beyond the limitations of the day, stepped outside your comfort zone, and rode on the tails of justice and possibilities.  No one has ever moved forward by standing still.  Because of you, we can safely use our voice, access education, and vote.  Early believers used video conferencing to communicate with astronauts on the moon.   Now, we are helping children to reach for the stars.

Advocates and Legislators:  You believe in the evolution of rules.  You know that sometimes we need to fall down before we can soar high.  You recognize when a source of protection becomes a source of prevention and you use your voice to advocate for people who you do not even know.  Your legacy lives in the people you enable through your advocacy and courage.

Special Education Staff and Parents:  Fearless educators and parents were the first to say “yes” to accessing help through online therapy.  You recognized online therapy as a solution for your capable and worthy students.  With optimism and perseverance, you paved the way for your schools and homes to access leading edge services for the children.

Ehelpers:  Committed individuals at the school are critical to the children’s participation in their therapy program.  Partnering with the SLPs, you  ensure the children achieve all they can from their sessions.   You are the children’s cheerleaders as you celebrate each achievement with them.  You diligently make sure that all students have their turn and shine their brightest.

Speech-Language Pathologists:  The believers who said yes to reaching their students through the online therapy medium have been instrumental to evolving the impact of our profession and the magnitude of online therapy.  Not only have you contributed to the building of an exceptional service platform, you have made a difference in the life of a child…and it counts.   Your extraordinary purpose is changing the world one child…one community at a time.  You are the spirit of online speech therapy.

The Kids:   On your first day, you sat wide-eyed before the screen then searched behind the computer looking for me.  Today, you hug the computer and give me a virtual high five.  We know each other by heart.   Your enthusiasm and effort replenish me.  Your creativity and resilience teach me.   You are the reason we are doing this.  We did not give up on finding our way to you.  We believe in you.

Below is a letter one of our students gave to his TinyEYE therapist.   She had sent  some special items from her country to his.

It all started because a small group of committed people from yesterday saw beyond the possibilities of today.  It is our privilege to carry the torch onward so that our children can have a brighter tomorrow.

Take care,


Marnee Brick, MSc
Speech-Language Pathologist and Director of Speech Therapy
TinyEYE Therapy Services (Speech
 Therapy Telepractice)


Growing smiles, mending spirits, engaging children in their lives…

TinyEYE is the world’s preferred online speech therapy service provider for schools, agencies, and individuals who seek exceptional performance, revolutionary solutions, outstanding service, and  student success!


  1. So often people work hard for a cause they believe in but receive no recognition or acknowledgement. Your blog surely validates that the people you mentioned have shared TinyEYE’s beliefs, served an important cause, and made a significant contribution, both personally and as a team. Congratulations to all! “Today’s achievements are tomorrow’s rewards…the world is your platform”.

    • Thank you for joining me in celebrating all who have contributed to giving children a better tomorrow!

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