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Speech Therapy Solutions for Homeschooled Students

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Hello Everyone,

Image waking up with your children, enjoying breakfast together, and then sending them to school.  Laughing and chatting about what the day will bring, your kids walk down your hallway and sit at their learning table.  They look to you, their parent, to start their learning adventure for the day.  You are their teacher; they are your students; this is their home school.

Home and online schools are becoming more prevalent each year.  According to the U.S Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, 1.1 million students were being home schooled in the United States in the spring of 2003.   To read the related article, follow this link:  For information in Canada, follow this link:

Home and online schools enable children to have their home as their primary base for education.  Often, parents follow a curriculum and receive support from a home school association.  Likewise, families who home school can collaborate to bring their children together for extracurricular learning experiences with their peers.

What happens when a parent is concerned about a child’s development? Sometimes, home school families have access to their community’s school’s professionals, such as a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP).  Other times, the weight of helping their child’s unique needs falls upon the parents.  Parents can access private SLPs, who can travel to the home.  However, the parents who have contacted me for assistance shared that they could not hire a private SLP in their community because:

–          No SLPs worked within a reasonable driving distance

–          There were no SLPs in the region

–          The cost of paying a SLP to regularly drive to the home was a deterrent

–          The logistics of packing up the home schooled children and driving them into the city for regular appointments for one child was counterproductive to the other children’s education

How does this sound for a speech therapy solution?

–          Your licensed Speech-language pathologist beams into your home when convenient for your child’s schedule (no travel time, no impact on your other children’s day)

–          Your child participates in engaging and effective speech therapy sessions that are relevant to his or her goals and your home school curriculum

–          You have ongoing access to an online Backpack Practice Program so your child can review his or her emerging skills with fun games between sessions with your SLP

–          You have a partnership with a dedicated speech-language pathologist who is fully available to you as you foster a communication-enriched learning environment for your children (no more barriers to learning, your children are ready to shine)

TinyEYE provides quality online therapy services to home schooled children around the world.  We offer a variety of options from consultation, direct therapy, and home practice programs.  If you would like to have a conversation about how TinyEYE can support you, follow this link-


Marnee Brick, MSc
Speech-Language Pathologist and Director of Speech Therapy
TinyEYE Therapy Services (Speech Therapy Telepractice)

Growing smiles, mending spirits, engaging children in their lives Speech Therapy Telepractice


  1. I am interested in doing on-line speech and language therapy. I am currently working at a center based program in Dearborn, MI. I am a TSLI (Teacher of the Speech and Language Impaired. I have a teaching certificate in the state of Michigan with an SB (Speech and Hearing Disorders) endorsement, and a permanent (good for “99 years”) certificate in Speech and Language in Pennsylvania. I do not have a CCC. Is it necessary to have a certificate of clinical competency from ASHLA to work through your organization?

    • Hi Mary Ann,

      Thank you for connecting with me. I really value your experience! When you join our team, we ensure you have the credentials that the role requires. If you are not already licensed in the place you are servicing, we help you obtain the license. Not all positions require ASHA certification (depends on where in the world you are serving!). It would be wonderful to receive your resume, your availability, and time zone – please forward your information to

      I look forward to continuing the conversation with you!

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