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I am his best mom in the world

Jenny McCarthy

Hello – good to connect with you,

Tonight my husband went out for milk and did something he never does – he bought one of those magazines at the check-out.  It was US Weekly (Issue 715; October 27, 2008).  He came home and handed it to me in his usual talkative manner, “Here”.  On the front I saw the sweetest little boy with the biggest smile snuggling up to his mom, Jenny McCarthy.  The caption read, ‘Beating Autism:  How I Saved My Son”.

Jenny’s precious son, Evan, was diagnosed with autism.  She shared, “…it was like someone came down and stole him.”  The article discusses her emotional and relentless journey that brought her to a life line:  Fast forward to Evan wrapping his arms around his mom  – a hug.  She said, “It was like God opened up the gates of heaven and allowed me to see him…don’t let this be the only moment.” Evan is now a typically developing little boy.  Jenny adds that Evan’s treatment may not work for everyone, but there are “15 years of anecdotal evidence” that offer hope and healing for many kids.

A mother understands what a child does not say.
– Jewish proverb

In an earlier blog, I wrote on how (like a rock) we have a choice when we are placed under an insurmountable amount of pressure.   We can crumble or we can emerge as a diamond.  Jenny is without a doubt a true diamond.  An advocate for families touched by autism, she has authored books and has co-partnered a company called, TEACH2TALK, with Sarah Scheflen, who was Evan’s speech-language pathologist.

I first learned about TEACH2TALK and video modelling from speech-language pathologist Mindy Hudon’s article in iParenting.    Mindy had interviewed Jenny McCarthy about the concept.  Jenny shared, “When Sarah was working with Evan, she showed me how effective video modeling can be as a teaching tool.”  Sarah advocates that, “Improvement in play skills has also been linked to improvements in speech and language, as well as social skills.”.   Through TEACH2TALK, we all have access to this valuable teaching tool.

For more on video modelling, visit

To read Mindy Hudon’s related article, visit

To learn more about autism, visit

In the US Weekly article, Jenny told a story  about how she used to tell Evan, “I am going to be the best mom in the whole world.”    Hey – that is my goal, too!  When will I ever achieve that status?  Every day – I do my best – but I always wish there was more of me to give or that I would have done something better for my wee ones.  Should I coin this “mommy guilt”?  The life changing moment for me, which left me sitting here in these pink flannel P.J.’s with a tear in my eye, happened when I read her last words:  “You know, I am his best mom in the world!” The moment:  “…I am his best mom…”.

Life began with waking up and loving my mother’s face
– George Eliot

Love yourself as much as you love your kids.  Let the light you shine on them reflect back to you.  Let them see how they are your best kids in the world.

The success of love is in the loving
– it is not in the result of loving.
Of course it is natural in love to want the best for the other person,
but whether it turns out that way or not
does not determine the value
of what we have done

-Mother Teresa

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Marnee Brick, Speech-Language Pathologist,

Marnee Brick, Speech-Language Pathologist,

Marnee Brick, MSc
Speech-Language Pathologist and Director of of Speech Therapy
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  1. I started to read this blog for the information about autisim. I have heard of Jenny McCarthy’s struggle with her son with autisim and have been inspired. But just as Ms. McCarthy’s words touched the person that wrote they blog, they touched me. I am the best mom my sons have in the whole world….and I love them very much.

  2. I originally looked at this blog to find out more information about austism. I have known the Jenny Mccarthy had a son who suffered from the disorder and as a special education teacher, I work with autisic children. I too, however, was touched my Jenny’s words about being the best mom in the world. Regardless of any problems that our children have, we are the best mother that They have…..I am pleased to have three healthy sons. Stephanie

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