Posted by: tinyeye | September 11, 2008

September 11: Remembering

“Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of overcoming it.”

Helen Keller

I was pulling up to J.D. Hogarth School to see my students when I heard on the radio that the second tower had fallen down.   Completely empty, I went into the school where the children were going on with their day  – still innocent to the what was happening in the world around them.   It was September 11th – the day our hearts broke.

I continued with therapy that day – feeling incredibly vulnerable and hurting for the people.  I drew strength from my students.  Each precious child who joined me reinforced the good in this world and how easy it is to make friends.  They greeted me with wide eyes and a big smile, we took turns, we gave a high-five when we did well, we laughed at something silly.    I remember insisting to myself, “This world—this world right here in my therapy room/broom closet – is beautiful”.

How big is the world to children?  Does it go beyond their immediate circles of love, happiness, and sense of belonging?  Even if the adult world is crumbling, let’s keep our children’s worlds a place of wide eyes and a big smile, taking turns, high-fives, and laughing at silly things.

Please join me in embracing everyone who was touched by September 11th,  2001 with thoughts of peace, warmth, and strength.  “Overcoming” suffering is so much easier when we do it together.

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Marnee Brick, Speech-Language Pathologist,

Marnee Brick, Speech-Language Pathologist,

Marnee Brick, MSc
Speech-Language Pathologist and Director of Therapy Services
TinyEYE Therapy Services Speech Therapy

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